Should Kids Wear Sunglasses

How commonly do you see adults driving down the street with sunglasses on, blocking their eyes from the strong sun ahead of them? Adults very regularly wear sunglasses when the sun is strong, but you rarely see kids wearing sunglasses, even on the brightest days.

Protecting children’s eyes from the sun is so important, as UV damage is more common than we often realize. Especially people with blue eyes, as they are more sensitive to the UV rays than other eye colors.

The benefits of wearing sunglasses starting at a young age are very significant. The effects the sun can have on the eyes may take several months or years to become a real problem, but by wearing sunglasses, you prevent this exposure to the sun, thus radically reducing the likelihood of damaging your eyes from UV exposure. So, putting sunglasses on your kids can protect against common eye problems that could potentially develop later on in their life.

You might be wondering how often your kids need to be wearing sunglasses? According to research, kids should be wearing sunglasses anytime they are outside and exposed to the sun, specifically if they are in direct sunlight. The best sunglasses for children are ones with a standard UV 400 lense and 100% UV protection.

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