Lasik Eye Surgery


What makes for truly custom LASIK eye surgery?

All the leading LASIK systems offer custom, wavefront-based solutions. For a LASIK system to be truly custom, it needs to give surgeons more flexibility. Many LASIK systems in Athens only offer one type of procedure. This lack of adaptability treats every patient the same, whether it makes sense to or not. What’s custom about that? This type of procedure must be personalized to be truly effective.

WaveLight® LASIK offers a custom solution with flexibility for surgeons and patients alike. Powered by the advanced WaveLight® Refractive Suites, only WaveLight® LASIK provides multiple custom treatment options and the widest approved range for wavefront-based treatment. With this system, we are able to tailor treatment as we see fit for each of our patients.

To provide a truly custom solution, WaveLight® provides the following:

  • Wavefront-Guided LASIK is designed to provide personalized treatment, with a reduction of higher-order aberrations.

  • Wavefront Optimized® LASIK was developed to consider the unique curvature of the eye, preserving the natural, aspheric shape of the cornea for less induced spherical aberration.

Have You Considered LASIK lately? Here are some facts about LASIK eye surgery to help you make your decision:

More than 17 million people worldwide have had some form of laser vision correction. (Market Scope Annual Report, 2007)

Every year, nearly 400,000 Americans have LASIK surgery. (Market Scope data estimated for 2010)

93% of nearsighted patients see at least 20/20 or better following LASIK surgery. (FDA Clinical Trials)

87% of LASIK eye surgery patients recommend LASIK to their friends. (FDA Clinical Trials)

The FDA has extensively evaluated and approved the safety and effectiveness of using a laser on your eyes, so wouldn’t you want to have the surgery performed with the most up-to-date laser? With WaveLight® Refractive technology, your doctor is performing a laser vision correction designed to work with your eyes’ unique attributes. After all, your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints.

What To Expect With Lasik And WaveLight® Technology

The hardest step in the entire LASIK procedure is overcoming your fear. We know that LASIK eye surgery can seem like a scary ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be! The more you become informed about the procedure, the less intimidating it becomes.While LASIK is still a surgical procedure,  the WaveLight® system makes the entire LASIK process fast, safe and precise. In just a matter of minutes, you will finally have the opportunity for the vision you have always wanted.

Prepping For The Procedure

Once you have decided that LASIK eye surgery is right for you, Dr. Dong will run a series of tests to evaluate your vision, similar to a standard eye exam. This isn’t just eye charts and “Can you read the top line?" Dr. Dong will work with you to decide the treatment path that is best for your eyes specifically. You will discuss your vision problems, your goals, lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Dr. Dong may even use a unique scanning tool to create a personalized map of your eyes. He will then use all of this information to determine a personalized treatment plan, including how your eyes will need to be reshaped for your best vision.


From start to finish, the LASIK eye surgery only takes a few minutes. Here is a quick rundown:

Before surgery begins, you will receive a series of anesthetic drops in each eye. These drops will numb your eyes and help ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Most patients only feel some light pressure during surgery.

Once your eyes are numb, you will be asked to lie down on a bed under the WaveLight® workstation.The first step is flap creation. Using the innovative WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser, Dr. Dong will create a precise flap/door in each cornea, exposing the underlying tissue so Dr. Dong can correct your vision.

Once the flaps have been made, you will be shifted over to the other half of the WaveLight® workstation - the advanced WaveLight® Refractive Suite - to begin the process of reshaping your eyes.

Dr. Dong will apply small, rapid bursts of the laser to reshape your cornea carefully. Flat areas may be made more round, curved areas may be flattened, etc. This will make each eye closer to its ideal shape for clear vision.

Throughout this part of the procedure, you will be asked to focus on a small blinking light above you. Don’t worry if your eyes move a little bit; the WaveLight® Refractive Suite uses sophisticated eye-tracking technology so it can keep up.

Once your eye has been properly reshaped, Dr. Dong will put the flap back into place where it will act as a natural bandage. No need for stitches here! In a matter of minutes, you are ready to go. All you have to do now is rest, and prepare to enjoy the benefits of improved vision!

Go Get LASIK Surgery - the time has come!


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