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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

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We've crunched the data for you – now let's look at how we derived those numbers.

If you wear only disposable contact lenses, you probably spend on average $460 per year, with a total of $6,900 over a period of 15 years. That means that a LASIK eye surgery cost from Georgia Center for Sight at $3,500 would pay for itself in just over seven years, and would pay for itself twice over after 15.

What if you only have extended wear contacts? Slightly less expensive and totaling out at roughly $370 per year, you'll still do better with LASIK: $5,550 over 15 years versus $3,500, saving you $2,050 in the long run.

On the surface, glasses seem to be a great option – you only need to buy new glasses every two years, right? Even still, they total up to $450 per year for a total of $6,750 after 15 years. This number can be even higher if you have a tendency to lose or break your glasses (and who doesn't?) meaning you have to replace them more frequently than just once every two years. At the low end of estimations, however, you're still saving $3,250 by going the LASIK route.

The most common situation is not one or the other, but both. Most people who wear contact lenses have backup glasses, which still require updated prescriptions every two years even if you aren't changing the frames. This averages out to roughly $680 per year with a total of $10,200 over the course of 15 years. That's huge! At those prices, LASIK will pay for itself after year five and save you $6,700 – the same amount you'd have to spend even if you were only wearing glasses!

In the short term, it's easy to look at the “How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?” question and dismiss the answer as just being too expensive. But when you do the math and look at the long term results, really, can you afford not to have LASIK?