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Posted by: Georgia Center for Sight

Valentines Day woman holding hearts over eyes

As February kicks into full swing, love is becoming a hot topic both towards our partners and ourselves. The concept of self-love has become increasingly popular in the last ten years and is defined as “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” It includes both mental and physical wellness, with an emphasis on a well-rounded spectrum of health. Why not extend self-love to include our eyes? 

Here at Georgia Center for Sight, we encourage you to love your eyes and get them checked! When people think of routine health care, they often forget that our eyes play a vital role in everyday life and that we should check them more often than most would believe. While it is widely accepted that an individual should get a vision check-up every 5-10 years, this doesn’t include those who aren’t aware that there is a deeper issue going on, such as cataracts or astigmatism. 

If you are not sure that your eyes need a checkup, don’t fret! We are here to help. Our team has compiled a list of 8 signs that your eyes are ready and in need of an eye exam here:

  1. Your eyes are red, dry, itchy, or you are seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters. 

  2. You have diabetes or another health condition that affects your eyes; you have a family history of conditions like diabetes or glaucoma you may need exams more often, especially as you move into your 50s and beyond. 

  3. You can’t remember when you last had an eye exam. If it’s been longer than a year, you’re overdue. 

  4. You have difficulty driving at night and seeing street signs in the dark. 

  5. You experience eye strain, headaches and/or blurred vision after spending an extended amount of time in front of a computer screen. 

  6. You get motion sick, dizzy, or have trouble following a moving target. 

  7. You hold books or the newspaper further away from your face and squint or close one eye to read them clearly. 

  8. You notice any changes in your vision, especially after an incident of head trauma. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, now is the time to care for your eyes and take a step towards a healthier life. February is about more than relational love, and it is important to take care of your body in more ways than those that are just food-related. 

Prioritize YOUR eyes this month, and schedule an eye exam today! Call our Athens office at (706)-546-9290 to speak with our scheduling department. 

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