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Posted by: Georgia Center for Sight

Have You Considered LASIK lately?

Have you considered getting LASIK? Here are some facts about LASIK to help you make your decision:

  • More than 17 million people worldwide have had some form of laser vision correction. (Market Scope Annual Report, 2007)

  • Every year, nearly 400,000 Americans have LASIK surgery. (Market Scope data estimated for 2010)

  • 93% of nearsighted patients see at least 20/20 or better following LASIK surgery. (FDA Clinical Trials

  • 87% of LASIK patients recommend LASIK to their friends. (FDA Clinical Trials

WaveLight? technology for a more personalized LASIK.

Since the FDA has extensively evaluated and approved the safety and effectiveness of using a laser on your eyes, wouldn?t you want to have the surgery performed with the most up to date laser? With WaveLight? refractive technology, your doctor is performing a laser vision correction designed to work with your eyes? unique attributes. And since everyone is unique, why wouldn?t your eyes be as unique as you are?

Swiveling Patient Bed for WaveLight? Refractive Suite

Created Specifically for Treatments With the WaveLight? Refractive Suite

  • A fast swivel speed with adjustable height optimizes the patient flow between femtosecond and excimer laser devices to provide more precise and easy patient positioning.

  • Variable swiveling angles allow optimized adaption to room space requirements.Individual angle and height adjustments of the headrest for exact positioning improve patient comfort while compensating for patient-specific anatomy requirements.

  • A central position mode facilitates patient preparation through comfortable and easy access.

  • Integrated left and right eye detection automatically aligns the eyes for a comfortable procedure and increased safety.

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