Frank Sheriff

“Dr. Dong is wonderful and so is the staff. I can’t say enough about the nurses in the surgery center. They took their time with us, explaining everything and we didn’t feel rushed. The staff that works up front is great also. I plan on recommending Dr. Dong to all my friends.”

Donald Downie

“It's very clear why I started wearing glasses, I couldn't see the road signs at night. After surgery, with no glasses, I can see better than when wearing them. Colors are so much brighter. The total experience was Wonderful, Truly Wonderful. Everything was Great!”

Martha Bradshaw

“The surgery was amazing. I had the specialty lenses implanted when my cataracts were removed. I opened my eyes and was able to see immediately. I do not have to wear glasses now, thanks to Dr. Dong. I will recommend Dr. Dong to all my friends. His staff and surgery center are wonderful.”

Ronald Craven

“From the time I walked in the door, everyone was very professional, thorough and friendly. The pre-op nurse in the surgery center explained in detail what she was doing and what I could expect. Dr. Dong talked to me throughout the surgery to let me know what to expect. I was very pleased . Dr. Dong and the staff were professional all the way and I was very well pleased.”