The Science

Pelleve precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radiofrequency technology to induce collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis. The result is skin tightening via soft tissue coagulation. Pelleve's unique radiofrequency technology emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which creates a heated treatment zone. Increased resistance causes heat buildup at the subdermal junction. Heat induces collagen denaturation and collagen contraction. Protein stimulation causes new collagen formation and production in the dermis which also results in epidermal tightening.


Patient Satisfaction


Comfortable Treatment Because the Pelleve treatment is comfortable and a pleasurable experience, patients will return to your office for additional sessions, making the Pelleve System an excellent investment for any cosmetic practice. 
Measurable results after a single session 
In most patients, there will be an immediate skin tightening effect. Typically one to three sessions are recommended for optimal results, depending on the severity of wrinkles. 
No downtime for patients 
Most patients look refreshed immediately after a Pelleve treatment. Some patients may have slight transient erythema immediately following treatment, but can wear makeup right away and resume normal activities.

Surgical Versatility


Multi-Modality System An innovative multi-modality system, the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System offers physicians unmatched versatility in a compact design. Beyond skin tightening, the S5 platform facilitates scores of procedures with the availability of hundreds of monopolar and bipolar electrodes.
Skin tightening plus surgical procedures 
You can use the Pelleve system to deliver aesthetic treatments plus surgical treatments with the S5 platform. 
Adds value to your practice 
An ideal procedure to delegate to physician extenders and bundle with other services. 
Practice profitability 
Low operating costs yield enhanced profitability relative to treatment fee.

unparalleled Safety


Radiofrequency Energy 
The Pelleve System delivers continuous radiofrequency energy which enables the clinician to choose how much energy to deliver and in what areas. By using a combination of the different sizes of Pelleve handpieces that are available each patient?s specific areas of concern can be addressed, resulting in patients receiving just the right amount of energy. The GlideSafe handpieces feature an innovative sensor designed to stop energy flow when the device senses loss of contact with skin, further enhancing the safety.

Non invasive, non ablative office treatment 
Patients today are seeking affordable, non invasive alternatives to ablative and surgical procedures. The Pelleve System fills that void.
Minimal side effects 
A Pelleve treatment is virtually pain free and no anesthetic is used for the treatment. The patient may experience some transient erythema or edema, which is typically gone in a few hours.