Cataract Surgery Lens Options

At The Georgia Center For Sight, Dr. Dong offers a variety of Cataract Surgery Lens Options. A standard lens will correct simple distance vision only, and without any astigmatic correction. During cataract surgery, Dr. Dong removes the eye's natural lens and replaces them with an artificial cataract surgery intraocular lens, or IOL. You can customize your procedure by choosing premium lens implants for other purposes beyond a simple distance vision correction. This laser assisted method will help with astigmatism reduction, healing time and vision recovery. LASIK can be added to these upgrades with an additional cost to fine-tune the intended vision goal if needed.

Dr. Dong is the only surgeon in the Athens area to offer all premium lens implant options for cataract surgeries. Different visual needs will be served better with a special type of lens implants if the patient has the desire to be less dependent on glasses. These premium lenses are available for an additional cost. Please ask Dr. Dong during your cataract surgical evaluation if any of these premium lenses are right for you.

At Georgia Center for Sight, we provide these new technology lens implants to reduce patients dependency for Cataract Sx. Premium implants will not guarantee 20/20 vision postoperatively, but they will provide a better chance for you to be less dependent on optical correction from glasses or contacts.