What is Contoura LASIK and why is it better?

When you are pondering the question of what LASIK or eye procedure is best for you, you are likely to have many questions. We have provided some common questions and the answers to them to help ease your mind and get you excited about clear vision!

What is Contoura LASIK?

Contoura vision topography LASIK is an advanced LASIK technology that is designed to enhance the your results. The Contoural vision LASIK process is geared to provide better vision than the original LASIK surgery and offer clear, corrected vision.

How does it work?

Using advanced laser technology, the doctor will perform a wavelight mapping to determine what areas of your cornea need to be worked on. The doctor will then perform the surgery by smoothing out irregularities in your cornea, which results in not only better vision, but better quality of life in general.

How is Contoura different from LASIK?

This is a common question, and it is important to know what you are signing up for as well as to understand the benefits. In traditional LASIK surgery, the wavelight-mapping procedure allows doctors to find the places where there are impairments in your vision and use a laser that reflects off of your retina. With Contoura, however, the surgery is focused solely on your cornea, which is more detailed and uses more advanced technology.